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Phil Mogg

Shocked beyond belief at the news that our beloved Phil has suffered a heart attack. Thankfully the surgery was done to place stents in two of his heart valves so this should, after a period of rehabilitation, help him considerably to recover.

We are all very sad that the ‘Last Orders’ tour could not be completed but Phil’s health is paramount and his doctors have strongly advised against him performing for the foreseeable future.

I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing him a speedy return to health.

UFO 2022

Hoping against hope that this year will see a return to the stage for UFO!! Dates are on the band’s website;

Pete Way

Having done the ‘processing’ I wanted to write a few words about the passing of Pete Way. Pete was lovable, funny and a complete ‘one off’. When I first joined UFO I was quite in awe of his stage presence and energy but really loved playing alongside him. A true ‘rock star’ in every sense. At times like these it’s always best to remember the good and positive things and I’m so glad we got to see him one last time (after many years) at Sweden Rock last summer. He was a unique and colourful character to be sure and will be remembered fondly by all who knew him.

Paul Chapman

I was incredibly sad hearing of the passing of this lovable, talented and charismatic Welshman. Paul and I had a close working relationship when we played in UFO, now forty years ago. I don’t think there was ever a cross word between us and he, like us all, wanted the to do the best for the band we all loved. The offstage was always as colourful as the onstage and true to say there was never a dull moment. Our bus journeys these days are peppered the with the anecdotes myself, Phil and Andy share about playing alongside Paul. The word ‘affection’ is highest on the list when you think of him. Rest in peace Tonka.

New USA dates for 2020

USA 2019

Just returned from four weeks of dates in the US. Amazing concerts and some fantastic audiences. I revisited many places I hadn’t been to in 35 years and this time around tried to take more of it in!! Next round is in February and apart from a little examining in November I’m hoping for a good rest over the Christmas period.

Week three!

Now into the final stages of the first leg of the European tour. It has been a tremendous pleasure to do this and I’m looking forward to the future dates in the USA. I am also doing some examining in the UK shortly so there will be a wee quantum shift there!

‘Last Orders’ - on rejoining UFO in 2019

Mixed emotions given the circumstances but nonetheless I’m only too pleased to be stepping in and helping UFO finish their final tour. Paul Raymond was an essential part of the band for most of their 50 year career and this is not something I’ve undertaken lightly. I aim to do my very best to respect his memory.

Jimmy Bain

I am remiss not putting this on at the time but I was very sad to hear of Jimmy's passing. He was a true character and I am forever indebted to him and Brian for introducing me to the world of R&R! It might not have always been the easiest ride but it was never dull!

Craig Gruber

Very sad to hear of the death of dear Craig earlier this month. He was a nice fellow and a solid player, racking up a good 'pedigree' along the way. There is a rather poignant picture of the 1984 Gary Moore band featuring Craig and Bobby Chouinard that was on Facebook.....sadly I am now the only one still around. A great pity to see these fine musicians passing.

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